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Dr. Jason Troyer, PhD

Welcome to Grief Steps Online

We understand how difficult grief can be and the videos you find below are designed to help you with some of the questions or situations that you may face as you begin your grief journey. In addition to these short videos which are designed to offer guidance and hope, you will find a series of "First Steps" courses near the bottom of the page. These are more comprehensive courses that offer more assistance with specific types of grief.

Grief is complicated, hard, and can make us question everything. These videos answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself. We hope you find this helpful.

Is it normal to talk to your deceased loved one?
Should grief get better everyday?
How long should grief last?
Does time heal grief?

Is it normal to have keepsakes and mementos?
How do you know if you need professional help?
How do you deal with your loved one's personal items?
Does writing help with grief?

There are a lot of misconceptions about grief that can create roadblocks for your healing. This might include preconceived notions you have about grief or misinformed information disquised as help from well-intentioned friends and family. These videos can help you understand what is real and helpful, and what is a trap to avoid.

First Steps Coming Soon!

These new courses are designed to help you find hope and healing in the most difficult time, particularly when death is sudden or unexpected.

About Dr. Jason Troyer

I'm a psychology professor, former counselor, grief researcher, speaker and consultant for businesses who want to better serve grieving families.

I have my PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas. I am a psychology professor at a small college in East Tennessee where I teach courses on death and dying, counseling, abnormal psychology, and related topics. I have experience counseling and completing psychological assessments in community mental health centers, college counseling centers and a VA hospital. I have also led grief counseling groups at churches and colleges.

I am Certified in Thanatology (CT) and a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling. I have given numerous lectures and presentations on grief and death including a webinar and research presentations for ADEC. My research focuses primarily on the grief experiences of widowers, men's grief, pet loss, and the use of grief rituals. I have written a book on helping widowers titled Counseling Widowers.

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